How to Convert XML File to Array in PHP?

By Hardik Savani May 14, 2024 Category : PHP

In this quick example, let's see how to convert xml file to array in php. In this article, we will implement a how to convert xml to array in php. We will use how to convert xml data to array in php. i would like to share with you php convert xml to array example. Let's see bellow example php xml to array example.

In this example, i will give you very simple example of convert xml to array in php. so here, we will keep one simple example file and convert into php array.

Let's see now:

Add Simple Xml File:

you can create or download simple xml file as like bellow:

Download XML Demo File

PHP Code:

now you can see how convert xml to array using bellow code:


$xmlString = file_get_contents('sample.xml');

$xmlObject = simplexml_load_string($xmlString);

$json = json_encode($xmlObject);

$phpArray = json_decode($json, true);



you will see bellow output:




[food] => Array


[0] => Array


[name] => Belgian Waffles

[price] => $5.95

[description] => Two of our famous Belgian Waffles with plenty of real maple syrup

[calories] => 650


[1] => Array


[name] => Strawberry Belgian Waffles

[price] => $7.95

[description] => Light Belgian waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream

[calories] => 900


[2] => Array


[name] => Berry-Berry Belgian Waffles

[price] => $8.95

[description] => Light Belgian waffles covered with an assortment of fresh berries and whipped cream

[calories] => 900


[3] => Array


[name] => French Toast

[price] => $4.50

[description] => Thick slices made from our homemade sourdough bread

[calories] => 600


[4] => Array


[name] => Homestyle Breakfast

[price] => $6.95

[description] => Two eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, and our ever-popular hash browns

[calories] => 950




you can check with this code.

i hope it can help you...

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