PHP Remove Duplicates from Multidimensional Array Example

By Hardik Savani May 14, 2024 Category : PHP

Sometimes, we require to remove duplicates value from multidimensional array in our PHP framework php like laravel, codeigniter, zend etc. Today, In this example i going to give you example of get unique values from multidimensional array that way duplicates will be delete.

In this example i have simple multidimensional array with duplicates values array and i will perform to get only unique values from multidimensional. It is possible by core PHP array_map() and array_unique(). It helps to remove duplicates values from multidimensional array.

So, first you can see bellow my multidimensional array with duplicate values.

Remove duplicate Values:


$myArray = [

['php', 'sql'],

['javascript', 'c'],

['php', 'sql'],

['c++', 'java']


$myArray = array_map("unserialize", array_unique(array_map("serialize", $myArray)));






[0] => Array


[0] => php

[1] => sql


[1] => Array


[0] => javascript

[1] => c


[3] => Array


[0] => c++

[1] => java



It might be help you .....

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