How to Remove Multiple Keys from PHP Array?

By Hardik Savani November 5, 2023 Category : PHP

In this example, we will remove array elements by keys array in php. we can delete multiple keys from array php. basically we will unset multiple keys from php array.

if you see in php documentation there are not available directly remove multiple keys from php array. But we will create our own php custom function and remove all keys by given array value.

In this example i created custom function as array_except(). you need to pass one main array and another will be keys array that you want to remove it.

So let's see bellow example:



$myArray = [

'name'=>'Hardik Savani',





$newArray = array_except($myArray, ['gender', 'email']);


function array_except($array, $keys){

foreach($keys as $key){



return $array;






[name] => Hardik Savani

[website] =>


I hope it can help you...

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