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Angular Vs React: Difference Between Angular and React

<img src="/upload/angular-vs-react.png" class="post-img"> Angular & React are the two most popular JavaScript frameworks for building web applications. Both Angular & React are open source projects, .....
By Hardik Savani Aug 17, 2022 Category : Guest Post

How To Protect Your Mac System?

<img src="/upload/protect-your-mac.png" class="post-img"> Mac is one of the most advanced and secure operating systems designed by Apple. Apple has done a great job in designing the Mac to safeguard a.....
By Hardik Savani Aug 17, 2022 Category : Guest Post

How to Call a Controller Function in Another Controller in Laravel?

Hey Developer, Now, let's see a tutorial of laravel call function from another controller. let’s discuss laravel call controller method from another controller. This tutorial will give you a simple .....
By Hardik Savani Aug 16, 2022 Category : Laravel

How to Use Google Translator in Laravel?

Hey Friends, Now, let's see a tutorial on how to use google translator in laravel. Here you will learn laravel google translate package. In this article, we will implement a how to use google translat.....
By Hardik Savani Aug 13, 2022 Category : Laravel

Laravel Call Function from Same Controller Example

Hello Artisan, In this example, you will learn laravel call function from same controller. I would like to share with you laravel call another function in same controller. We will use how to call a co.....
By Hardik Savani Aug 12, 2022 Category : Laravel

Laravel Collection Check If Key Exists Example

Hello Guys, This article is focused on laravel collection check if key exists. Here you will learn how to check key exists in collection of laravel. This example will help you check if key exists in c.....
By Hardik Savani Aug 10, 2022 Category : Laravel