PHP Explode Every Character into Array Example

By Hardik Savani May 14, 2024 Category : PHP


This post will give you example of php explode every character into array. In this article, we will implement a php explode all characters. you will learn explode all characters php. you can see how to explode all character in php using str_split().

Few days ago i was working on my laravel app and i need to explode all characters into array, i know php has explode function but it not works with this requirement. so i research and found str_split() function where it gives you explode all characters into array.

So, let's see bellow very simple example here:



$name = "Hardik Savani";

$arr = str_split($name);






[0] => H

[1] => a

[2] => r

[3] => d

[4] => i

[5] => k

[6] =>

[7] => S

[8] => a

[9] => v

[10] => a

[11] => n

[12] => i


i hope it can help you...

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