How to find day from specific date in PHP?

By Hardik Savani | February 3, 2016 | Category : PHP

Whenever you need to det day like Monday, Tuesday etc from full date. i mean you have any specific date like "2015-10-10" and you want to get day then you can do in both way first using strtotime() and second using DateTime object.

In Following example you can see i give you both way to get day from your date. now i added format 'l' so it will return full name of day like "Tuesday", but if you want to get short name of day then you can change format like "D".

// Using strtotime()

$specificDate = strtotime('2016-2-3');

$specificDate = date('l', $specificDate);


// Using DateTime Object

$yourDate = "2011-12-2";

$yourDate = DateTime::createFromFormat("Y-m-d", $yourDate);


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