How to Check Apache Access & Error Log Files in Ubuntu Server?

By Hardik Savani May 1, 2024 Category : Ubuntu Server

This post will give you example of how to see apache error log & access log in ubuntu. you can see apache access log file ubuntu. This tutorial will give you simple example of apache error log location ubuntu. this example will help you apache server error log location ubuntu. Let's see bellow example how to see apache logs in ubuntu.

Sometime your website show unknown error and you don't know what is error that. so that time you need to must check logs file in server. if you are using ubuntu server like ubuntu 21.10, ubuntu 21.04, ubuntu 20.04, ubuntu 18.04 and ubuntu 16.04 server, then i will help you how to check apache2 access log and error log files and you can solved your issue.

Apache Access & Error Log Files Location

Here, i give you following command for apache2 log file. so let's run in your server and let's see:

cd /var/log/apache2

Then, next run ls command:


you will find list of error and access log files as like bellow:

See Apache Error Log File:

You can direct use following command to see error log file:

cat /var/log/apache2/error.log


See Apache Access Log File:

You can direct use following command to see access log file:

cat /var/log/apache2/access.log


I hope it can help you...

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