Development Life Cycle & Deployment of Designer Credential:

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The development life cycle and the deployment credential, which is Salesforce certified of designer credential are for the professional with the skills required and experience for the DevOps application, Management of the life cycle application, and for the supporting of the requirements of clients the governance topics to the salesforce and the experience in the solution of communicating, and IT stakeholders.


Experience in analyzing the environment and designing the appropriate governance framework’s requirements. The experience of the management of the development and deployment lifecycle on the platform of lightning is also essential for the candidate, or you may say for the salesforce certified development life cycle and deployment designers. The experience of designing complex development and implementing the complex developments, strategies of the deployment with the proposed solution communication, and the technical stakeholders are beneficial to become the development life cycle and the deployment designer.

The candidate should have a BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent to it and have experience on the platform of the Salesforce of at least 2 to 3 years. Working around 1 to 2 years is required for the candidate on the DevOps of the Salesforce topics. With the governance committee, the working experience is required of around 1 to 2 years. Knowledge about the Methodology of delivering the project is also significant for the candidates.

Jobs After The Exam Certification:

The salesforce certified development life cycle and deployment designer jobs are like the Technical Lead and Delivery Lead. The Ops Manager and the Release Manager, Environment Manager, Test Managers, and the technical architects are also typical jobs.

Necessary Ability And Knowledge For Candidate:

The structure of work and for methodologies of different development’s tradeoff description. Description of the MetaData and tooling API’s constraints and capabilities, the development lifecycle supporting tools constraints and capabilities. The control of sources, strategies of making branches, and integration is the continuous description used to support the management of the application lifecycle. The testing methodologies include the tests’ automation and the salesforce released testing.

The restoration of strategies and the appropriate backup is designed for participation in the government entities and the understanding of the landscape of governance.

Not Essential for the Candidates:

Suppose the candidates don’t know about the scriptwriting of the ANT/ CLI migration or the control environment source’s setups and the continuous integration tool’s setup. It’s not a big issue, or nothing happens if the candidate is unaware of these things.

For successfully completing the salesforce certified development life cycle and deployment designer certification exam and achieving it, this exam guide is essential for evaluating the candidate’s readiness. This guide provides the training and the documentation.

Even the information for the interested audience that should be targeted for this certification exam is provided by the Exam guide. To achieve the passing marks, the helping contents with all the objectives present are provided by the Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer Practice Exam Questions Answers guide. The combination of job experience is highly recommended by the salesforce. The salesforce also recommends the attendance of courses and the self-study system to pass the certification examination.

Exam Layout:

The salesforce certified development life cycle and deployment designer exam consists of the questions of 60 MCQs. The paper should be completed in 105 minutes, and the passing marks allotted for the candidate in the exam are at least 65%. The registration fee of the salesforce certified development lifecycle and deployment exam is 400 US dollars plus the taxes applicable by the local law. 200 US dollars is the Retake fee for the exam, and as per law, the taxes are applicable. No online material or the hard copy is allowed to be used for the references in the exam, and the exam will be online delivered at the testing center.

Exam Domains:

Here I will describe the main domains and objectives you need to prepare for this exam certification.

  • 1.Application lifecycle Management 8%
  • 2.Planning 13%
  • 3.Building 14%
  • 4.System design 15%
  • 5.Deploying 14%
  • 6.Testing 13%
  • 7.Releasing 13%
  • 8.Operating 10%

Application lifecycle Management:

Explaining how the benefits are accessed and the different methodologies of the development’s risks and recommend the strategies of the appropriate governance based on the customer’s maturity.


Understanding the risks of the customer’s environment and mitigation strategies that are appropriate are articulated. The scenario given to the customer involves the recommended strategies appropriated for the risk mitigation and the release of the salesforce. Identification of the people and the access of the management of the life cycle’s application are the complex scenarios assigned to the customer.

System Device:

The scenario is given to the customer, which involves the comparison and the contrasting and the component’s recommendations and tool’s recommendations which are the successful strategies of the deployments. The agile tools for the process of the agile development advantages are explained.


The development model and environment which is appropriate are described. The usage and how the source control branching is used and the recommendations of the strategies are appropriate.


A scenario that includes the description of the management of the approaches and the data from the technical reference is deployed. Pre and post-deployment steps handling approaches are described, including the API not supported items.


The scenario is given in which the description and recommendations are made of an appropriate testing methodology and the methodology for the test execution if proper.


The scenario for a customer in which description and the recommendation for the release management strategy are appropriate.


The scenario is given to the customer from multi-organization, delivered online, which includes comparing and contrasting artifacts to manage artifacts that are commonly released.

Exam Preparations:

You can prepare for this exam via online courses, study materials like exam dumps, pdf files, online lectures, and trial-based online courses. Websites like Salesforce, Dumps Tool, and others have complete exam and study guides you can follow to prepare for this exam certification.


Development LifeCycle And Deployment Designer Credential exam certification can open various paths towards your bright future. In this article, I have discussed a detailed exam guide to ensure you have some knowledge.

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