How to Install the Telegram Desktop App in Ubuntu?

By Hardik Savani October 4, 2023 Category : Ubuntu

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In this guide, we are going to learn how to install telegram in ubuntu 22.04. you can see how to install telegram in ubuntu using terminal. you will learn how to install telegram desktop on ubuntu terminal. This post will give you a simple example of how to install telegram desktop in ubuntu mate. Alright, let’s dive into the details.

To install Telegram on Ubuntu, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Open a Terminal

You can open a terminal in Ubuntu by pressing `Ctrl + Alt + T` or by searching for "Terminal" in the applications menu.

Step 2: Update Package Lists

It's a good practice to ensure that your package lists are up-to-date. Run the following command to update the package lists:

sudo apt update

Step 3: Install Telegram using Snap (Recommended Method)

Snap is a package manager for Ubuntu that provides an easy way to install Telegram and ensure it's always up-to-date.

To install Telegram using Snap, run the following command:

sudo snap install telegram-desktop

This command will download and install Telegram on your system.

Step 4: Launch Telegram

After the installation is complete, you can start Telegram by typing the following command in your terminal:


Alternatively, you can search for "Telegram" in your applications menu and click on the Telegram icon to launch it.

Step 5: Set Up Your Telegram Account

When you first launch Telegram, you will be prompted to enter your phone number and complete the registration process. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Telegram account.

Step 6: Log In

Once you've completed the registration process, you can log in to your Telegram account and start using the application.

That's it! You have successfully installed Telegram on your Ubuntu system. You can now enjoy using Telegram to chat with friends and colleagues.

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