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How to Enable Apache mod_rewrite Module in Ubuntu?

Hi Guys, Here, i will show you how to rewrite urls with mod_rewrite for apache on ubuntu. This tutorial will give you simple example of how to enable mod_rewrite in linux server. you'll learn apache e.....
By Hardik Savani Mar 30, 2021 | Apache Read More

How to create quick apache virtual host in Ubuntu?

We always require to create virtualhost on each project because we don't want to run each project manually, so it is better way to create virtual host address for each project when you development lik.....
By Hardik Savani Dec 7, 2016 | Installation Ubuntu Server Apache Read More

How to enable rewrite mode for apache in ubuntu?

Whenever you need to rewrite index.php file from url you can find solution here. you can easily enable rewrite mode using bellow terminal command. when i create one virtualhost for my laravel applicat.....
By Hardik Savani Apr 9, 2016 | Ubuntu Apache Read More