Laravel 5.6 - Log viewer using LogViewer package example

By Hardik Savani November 5, 2023 Category : PHP Laravel

Laravel provides log file that store all runtime error exception or any other error that get, we can view log file better using LogViewer composer package. laravel store very logs on a log file. So if it occurs any error, warning, alert etc that store in laravel log file. but it is store in error format, we can make it readable format and know how much error with a description, so we can resolve it and make it a better web application.

Here we will use LogViewer composer package for reading better way of an everyday log file. if you make setup on life for this format then we can simply monitor our application with a check if an error has come or not that way we can resolve small bug of code and make it smooth and better web application.

So, here we have to just install LogViewer package and all configuration so we can customize LogViewer package. So let's start to install and configuration of LogViewer package.

Installation Of LogViewer Package:

Now we will install LogViewer composer package using by following command in our laravel 5.6 application. So let's run bellow command.

composer require arcanedev/log-viewer

Ok, after install package successfully, we will add service provider in app.php configuration file. So let's add as bellow:



return [


'providers' => [






Configuration Of LogViewer Package:

now we will generate configuration of LogViewer composer package like generate layout file, css file, config file etc. So let's run bellow command and get configuration of this package.

Publish the Config and Translations Files

php artisan log-viewer:publish

To force publishing

php artisan log-viewer:publish --force

Publishing the config only

php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=config

Publishing the translations only

php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=lang

Application requirements & log files check

php artisan log-viewer:check

Configuration Of Laravel Log:

now by default we have "stack" value in LOG_CHANNEL variable on env file for log. we have to change value stack into daily, so our package will display every day log. So let's change:



Now we are ready to to run this package. so let's run our example so run bellow command for quick run:

php artisan serve

Open following URL:


You will get layout like as bellow:

I hope it can help you....