What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) ?

By Hardik Savani December 21, 2020 Category : Guest Post

SEO is done to improve the visibility of the website for relevant searches on the internet. If the site has better visibility in search results then it is more likely to attract prospective and existing customers.

How does SEO work?

SEO makes certain changes in the content of the website to make it more attractive to a search engine. SEO provides the best services to the user by delivering results on search engine pages that are of high quality and most relevant to what the searcher is looking for. They deliver relevant websites to the searcher by crawling or scanning different websites to understand what the site is about. The Search engine also scans the site to reward the site as user friendly with higher rankings on the search engine result page.

Google Map Marketing

It is very important for a business to show up in Google Maps for longer viability. Google Maps provides the easiest online presence to businesses. Google Map Results (local 3 pack) are visible at the top Google searches. Google Maps help in channelling thousands of potential clients towards a business. This is why Google Maps Marketing is counted as the most important facet of local SEO work.

For instance, if somebody is looking for a local key-maker in the map who is in proximity or at a nearby location, key makers that come in Google Maps will likely get the customer’s attention first.

Factor affecting search engine success


To compel the searcher to stay on your page you should provide him with substantive and unique content. The quality of the site depends on the nature and type of content.

The characteristics of high-quality content are:

  • Accurate and original informational content should be presented.

  • Artistic content with a high degree of skill should be conveyed.

  • The news content should contain original reporting.


The keywords which the audience has used to find the site should be added within the content, in the titles or subheads.


Search engine recommends adding up-to-date and fresh information. The visibility of the site may be increased by creating content relating to popular trends, holidays or, breaking news.


The user’s question should be answered comprehensively and in a substantial manner. The content should be deep enough to satisfy the user. The data provided should have interesting information. The site owner should not add more words just to achieve an arbitrary word count but should provide an in-depth explanation.


The most used medium for the content is text. Other formats such as images, videos that appeal to the audience should be used. To take some of the load off the server a content delivery network (CDN) should be used. With the use of another format, the descriptive text should be used to supplement the content and provide context to search engine users. The multimedia can be marked up with structured data to increase the quality of the content.

Online business reputation

The businesses which have positive reviews from the customer rank better as compared to other businesses. At times the competitors give bad reviews to bring down the rankings.

There are several benefits of having a great online reputation:

The site will be more often visited by visitors.

  • The number of paying clients will be increased.

  • People will contact the site more often.

  • The marketing price will decrease because the cost per customer acquisition will go down.

The e-commerce entrepreneurs should adopt Google My Business SEO (GMB) as a tool to manage their online presence across the search engine. To achieve local search success it is important to create a google my business listing. Duplicate listing for the same location should be avoided. The listing not needed should be removed or merged with the old ones.

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