Ckeditor required field validation example in Jquery

By Hardik Savani September 5, 2020 Category : Javascript jQuery

we can add required field validation easily using jquery if we have textbox, textarea, select box etc, but if we used ckeditor then it's not simple. In this example i give you how to add Ckeditor required field validation in javascript. we can do it using CKEDITOR.instances, so if you also require then you can use it.


<html lang="en">


<title>Jquery - ckeditor required field validation</title>

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

<script src="//"></script>



<div class="container text-center">


<textarea name="editor"></textarea>




CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor' );

$("form").submit( function(e) {

var messageLength = CKEDITOR.instances['editor'].getData().replace(/<[^>]*>/gi, '').length;

if( !messageLength ) {

alert( 'Please enter a message' );