Angular Vs React: Difference Between Angular and React

By Hardik Savani April 4, 2023 Category : Guest Post

Angular & React are the two most popular JavaScript frameworks for building web applications. Both Angular & React are open source projects, but that's not where their similarities end.

Both frameworks offer a lot of functionality out of the box, including things like routing, data binding, and templating. However, these features aren't identical in these two frameworks. We'll take a look at how Angular & React compare in terms of features and flexibility in this post.

Angular vs React - Introduction

Angular & React are both popular JavaScript frameworks that are used to build web applications.

Angular is a framework for building web applications, whereas React is a library for building user interfaces. Both Angular and React are open source projects maintained by Google and Facebook respectively.

Angular is an MVC framework that allows you to create single-page web apps with ease. It supports data binding and templating, which makes it easy to create dynamic web pages that display information from your backend database.

React is also an MVC framework that simplifies the process of creating single-page applications by allowing you to use components instead of templates. This means you can easily reuse code between different parts of your application without having to write a lot of extra code.

Angular vs React - Core Differences

Angular is a full-featured framework, React is a library. Don't confuse this with Angular being more "complete" than React; it's just that React was built from the ground up to emphasize building components. In fact, in its original incarnation React was only a view layer that you could use in your application without any additional libraries or tools (like jQuery). Over time, however, developers realized they needed some add-ons such as routing and data management to complete their applications—so these were added on top of the core library.

On the other hand, Angular includes all these extra features right out of the box so you don't need any other libraries—but since it's all bundled together into one big framework there can be performance issues when creating large apps with many routes and complex data models (which requires more code).

Angular vs React - Popularity

Angular is the most popular web framework, which is built by Google. On the other hand, React is the most popular JavaScript library and it was created by Facebook.

AngularJS has been around since 2009 while React only came into existence in 2013. However, AngularJS has been gaining popularity over time as it offers a lot of features and benefits to developers compared to its competitor (React).

Angular vs React - Which is better?

In this article, you'll learn more about the differences between Angular and React. We'll go over how each framework works, including the pros and cons of using each one.

We'll also discuss which framework is better for different use cases.

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Both frameworks have their own pros and cons, but choosing between them depends on the requirements of your project.

As you can see, both Angular and React have their own pros and cons. However, choosing between them depends on the requirements of your project. If you need a highly customized web app with complex features, then choose Angular. If you need a simple web app that offers fast development speed and is easy to use, then go with React. Finally, if you want something in between these two extremes (good balance of both), we recommend using Vue.js instead.


Angular and React are two of the most popular frameworks for building applications. The key difference between them is that Angular is an MVC framework, while React is not. However, both frameworks have their own pros and cons and choosing one over the other depends on the requirements of your project.

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