How to Redirect Route with Querystring in Laravel?

By Hardik Savani September 6, 2020 Category : Laravel

Most of time, we work on back-end and we require to redirect route or url from controller with pass query string parameter. so laravel provide very simple way to pass query string parameter with redirect route. In following example you can see how it is possible.

In Bellow example you can see i did added highchart() function for route haddle. in that function i redirect "home" route with 2 parameter as query string like id and itemid, so url will be like this way:


And controller function will be this way:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

use App\View;

class HomeController extends Controller


public function highchart()


$viewer = View::all();

return redirect()->route('home',['id'=>2,'itemid'=>3])

->with('info','We are in home back.');



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