Laravel Join with Subquery in Query Builder Example

By Hardik Savani October 12, 2023 Category : PHP Laravel

In this post i want to show you how to use subquery with join in laravel query builder. Whenever you need to use subquery in your laravel project you can use following example and learn hot to use subquery. In bellow example you can see we add subquery using DB::raw(), DB::raw() throught we can select our subtable and after in second argument i added compare your field. That way you can easily fire subquery with laravel 5.2 query builder.


$data = DB::table("items")




GROUP_CONCAT(items_count.price) as price_group,

GROUP_CONCAT(items_count.quantity) as quantity_group

FROM items_count

GROUP BY items_count.id_item

) as items_count"),function($join){






I hope it can help you...

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