5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Customer Reviews

By Hardik Savani November 2, 2023 Category : Guest Post

Google is stuffed with testimonials about the influence of reviews, and you will be surprised to know the numbers. According to Statista, around 70% of customers look for product or service reviews to make a purchase –and the number explains a lot.

More surprisingly, 63% of customers build trust in the business that displays positive reviews and higher ratings. This number allows businesses to emphasize the reviews to boost sales and escalate success.

If you are wondering how you can improve and increase the reviews for your business on Google, here are a few proven tips that you can consider:

1. Get On the Same Site

It is crucial for businesses to get reviews or feedback regarding the products or services. However, getting reviews from customers after the sales can be a challenge. You will find the process easy to navigate, but your customer might not. They may be happy shopping for you but might find it a long process to leave reviews.

To break the challenge, you can consider being accessible to your customers to get honest feedback. You can also consider creating ease for your customers, like creating a shortcut link to include your unique Google review link on your website.

With the shortcut Google review link, you will facilitate and encourage your customers to leave reviews.

2. Put Your Reviews Front and Center

Reviews have a great influence on the decision-making ability of your customers. When you display more of your reviews on your website or place them on the Google My Business site, your targeted customers will easily get insights about your business and build trust for it.

To place the reviews on your website and GMB, you can choose the strategy according to your type of business. If you are selling products, you can publish the reviews on the product page. You can also dedicate an entire page to reviews regarding products and services.

This will ease the customers to leave a review and increase the number for display.

3. Ask the Right Question

Before you select the questions for reviews, you need to take some time to identify what your target audience will be interested in. What are they looking for in your business? What can be a pain point for your industry?

Paying attention to these factors can help you to create questions accordingly. This way, you can encourage your customers for meaningful testimonials.

4. Give a Reason for Review

If you want to encourage your customers to leave a comment, the best way is to give them a reason for it. You can create a note about thanking them for the purchase and choosing your business.

This will create a sweet and warm gesture that will boost your customers to leave something good for you in return.

5. Rewards Customers for Reviews

Another most effective strategy to grow the number of reviews for your business is rewarding your customers. You can offer 10% off on the next purchase when they leave a review.

This strategy is working and encourages many customers to leave a review about your business on Google My Business Map.

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