Using Google Trends For Keyword Research

By Hardik Savani November 5, 2023 Category : Guest Post

If you have ever done some sort of keyword research, it is very likely that you have used Google Trends to help you with checking out the interest in a certain keyword. However, for most people this is as far as they go with it and rarely do they ever delve into it and get the most out of it.

So in order to help you in fully unleashing the potential that Google Trends has, we have put together a helpful list of some of the best ways to do so.

1) Capitalize on trending topics

By using the Trending Searches feature you are able to look at those search terms that have had a large increase in popularity during the past 24 hours anywhere in the world. By knowing what things are currently trending, you can use your keyword strategy in order to get in on the trend before it inevitably dies down.

Similar to this is the Google Trends API by Zenserp that provides keyword popularity indexes in real time, which again allows you to make the most of certain topics as they are actually trending.

2) See when seasonal trends appear

The popularity of some specific keywords are directly affected by the time of year. One example of this is the keyword “umbrella”, which is most regularly searched for in the United States in June time. In Australia, the story is different, and the interest in the keyword peaks in December when the rainy season down under starts.

Knowing exactly when the peaks are for the keywords that are relevant to you, enables you to create content that coincides with these times for maximum effect.

3) View where search terms come from

Within the Trending Searches feature you can specific search terms are being made and can even drill down beyond the country level to the city, metro, and subregion level as well. Doing this lets you see directly where your goods or services are wanted / needed.

Armed with this information you can run AdWords campaigns and produce focused content aimed at the specific areas identified from your analysis.

4) Check topic popularity

When thinking about the topic of the next piece of content that you plan to put out, you should not begin until you have looked at the popularity of certain keywords so that you are not guilty of producing content in a falling topic.

When looking at the search volume of a keyword it is easy to get carried away by this figure, particularly if it is large. Other things that you need to consider are the Keyword Difficulty (KD) along with any trends and spikes in popularity that have subsequently flat lined.

So there you have it, above is just a small number of ways in which you can fully utilize some of the various features available to you on Google Trends in order to put together a highly effective and successful keyword strategy. Once you have mastered these, then there are also numerous other techniques that you can adopt also.

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