How to get last inserted id in Codeigniter?

By Hardik Savani September 6, 2020 Category : MySql Codeigniter

Sometimes, we require to get last insert record id from database in controller, so in this example we will learn how to get last inserted row id in Codeigniter 3 project.

It's very often need to get last insert id in programming field, if you are working on Codeigniter framework and you want to fetch last created id, i mean max id, then you do easily.Codeigniter provide method insert_id() to get last inserted id.

insert_id() is function of "db" library. db library provides several function for connecting database task. insert_id() will return id of last inserted record. So here i give controller method so you can understand how it is working.

Controller Method

function add_item(){

$input = ['name'=>'Test', 'description'=>'This is Test'];

$this->db->insert('items', $input);

$insertId = $this->db->insert_id();

return $insertId;


As above example you can get simply last inserted row id using "insert_id()", So let's use this way.

I hope it can help you...