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By Hardik Savani September 19, 2023 Category : Guest Post

In this article, I will elucidate the concept of SEO and demonstrate how to utilize a free AI tool for SEO purposes. Additionally, I will introduce you to the top-rated free SEO AI tool offered by PostCheetah.com. Let's embark on this tutorial together.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of strategies and practices aimed at improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by optimizing various elements both on and off the website. SEO helps websites appear higher in search results for specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to their content or business.

Rest assured, you can leave the complexities of SEO, Google rankings, keywords, and article generation behind. I'm here to assist you in achieving SEO success within a mere 5 minutes, courtesy of the tools provided by PostCheetah.com.

Post Cheetah uses machine learning to do in depth keyword research, content topic creation, content brief creation, AI (& human) copywriting, a full SEO content editor, publishing & scheduling content directly to Wordpress & Shopify, and automated reporting using GSC data!

Following SEO Features provides by PostCheetah.com:

1) Add Your Website

2) Research Keywords

3) Search Content Ideas

4) Generate AI Article

5) Auto Publish Article on Wordpress and Shopify

6) Website Google Rank Reports

Let's brief one by one points:

1. Add Your Website

Once you've created your account you'll land on the dashboard. From here you can add your first website and start using Post Cheetah!

1. Simply click on the Add a Website button

2. Then enter the URL, website type, & time zone

3. You can now connect your site via Wordpress or Shopify to post directly from Cheetah and schedule your posts (optional)

4. Finally you can connect your site to Google Search Console for automated reporting (optional)

All the data gathered will help feed our AI and machine learning for your SEO plans.

2. Research Keywords

Post Cheetah AI keyword research tool is unique in that it will use machine learning to find the most relevant keywords based on your websites data. It will sort the keywords based on search volume. You can click on a keyword to get more detailed information and you can save your keywords into groups. Keywords stored in groups can be used for automated rank reports if your site is connect to Google Search Console. Once you have found and stored some keywords you like you can simply click "Content Ideas" to start generating content.

3. Search Content Ideas

In our Content Discovery tab you can quickly use any keywords to start identifying relevant content ideas. Our AI uses data from your website and from Google to find the most relevant content ideas that are most likely to rank for your chosen keywords. We offer several different content idea search types:

Relevant Post Ideas - These are the content ideas that our machine learning system feels are the most relevant based on your website data, Google data, & search volume.

Question Style Posts - These are content ideas structured around questions that users might have surrounding a keyword.

List Style Posts - These are "listicle" type content ideas that users might find interesting based on your given keyword

Creative Based Posts - These are more of a wildcard where we give the AI more freedom to come up with some creative style posts using your websites info and the given keyword

Google Suggestions - These questions come directly from what people are searching in Google for your given keyword. These are very powerful topics to create blog posts for ranking in Google for your keyword and surrounding topics.

Once you find some content ideas that you like you can begin saving them into clusters. You can easily create clusters or add them to existing clusters that are stored in the system for later use.

4. Generate AI Article

Once you have some clusters and ideas saved within them you can now go to the Content Clusters tab to begin creating your content. You have 3 options to generate content:

Delegate to Pro Writers - Using this option one of our professional copywriters will research and write the article without the use of any AI assistance. Our copywriters are well versed in SEO and will deliver a fully optimized article based on your given keyword including Title and Meta tags. This 100% human written article will take about 5-7 days and the amount of credits used to order one will depend on it's length (based on the current sites ranking in Google we will recommend a word count). You can also request the copywriter to source and add images (with alt tags in place) for an additional amount of credits. Once you submit the order our AI will generate an essay outline which you can review and edit before sending to our copywriter.

Generate via AI - Using this option you can employ our machine learning AI to write this article for you. Our AI is trained to understand your given keyword and produce a highly optimized and well written SEO optimized essay. You can choose the length (based on the current sites ranking in Google we will recommend a word count) of the article, along with the tone, focus keyword, and any additional details you'd like to inform the AI before it writes your article. You can also request AI generated images (which will automatically have SEO optimized alt tags added) for an additional small credit fee. Once you submit your order our AI will generate an essay outline which you can review and edit before submitting it to be written.

Open Editor - If you'd prefer to write the article yourself you can simply hit "open editor" and have direct access to our SEO editor where you can begin writing the article yourself with SEO guidance to ensure it has the highest chance to rank in Google.

5. Auto Publish Article on Wordpress and Shopify

Once your order is ready for review you can click on the Orders tab and review your order. When you open your newly generated content you will be immersed in our full SEO editor. This proprietary SEO editor provides recommendations for word count, images, headings, & paragraphs based on the articles that are currently ranking in Google for your chosen keyword. Within this order review page you will also be able to generate a meta description using AI as well as upload a featured image. You have the option to search Unsplash for free images or generate images via AI for featured images and for your articles. Our SEO editor also uses machine learning and Google search to suggest relevant keywords that should be added to the content in order to help it have a better chance of ranking. Using all of these elements we will assign an "SEO Score" to the article, the closer you get to A+ (100%) the higher chance you will have to rank for that content in Google!

Once your happy with the content you can either save it or publish it directly to your integrated Wordpress or Shopify website. You can also schedule this content to be auto-posted to your website at any time.

You also have the options to download this content in Word document form, email it for review, and view the source code to download and upload manually.

6. Website Google Rank Reports

If your site is connected to Google Search Console you can also create automated reports to show your websites performance. There are currently 2 forms of reports that can be generated in the system automatically:

Rank Reports - Based on the keywords you have saved in your Keyword Groups our system will scan your Google Search Console data to find where they are ranked in Google and provide you comprehensive rank reports to show where your keywords are ranked and how they've moved based on certain time frames.

Performance Reports - These more generalized reports will show how many clicks and impressions your site is receiving in Google along with the top pieces of content that are driving the most traffic to your website.

All of our reports can be automatically scheduled to be emailed to you or your clients, you can also brand them with your logos depending on your plan type. We plan on adding more reports in the future as well.

Explained all features of PostCheetah.com features.

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