How to Set Maxlength for Textarea in Javascript?

By Hardik Savani June 26, 2023 Category : Javascript HTML

Today, i was planing to post something like regarding to javascript. I was thinking what post should i add and i plan to make maxlength validation with display remaining character count using javascript. So you can simply make character limit with remaining counter in javascript.

Here, i am going to make very simple example to do this, you don't require to import jquery. You have to just write following javascript code. So I used onkeyup and onkeydown event of code javascript.

It would be easy to use using onkeydown and onkeyup event and make it character count validation in html. So let's just see bellow example and copy that code. You will get fresh example.


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>How to set maxlength for textarea in javascript?</title>



<div class="container">


<textarea name="message" placeholder="Write Here..." onkeydown="limitTextOnKeyUpDown(this.form.message,this.form.countdown,160);" onkeyup='limitTextOnKeyUpDown(this.form.message,this.form.countdown,160);'></textarea>

You have

<input readonly type="text" name="countdown" size="3" value="160"> chars are left



<script type="text/javascript">

function limitTextOnKeyUpDown(limitField, limitCount, limitNum) {

if (limitField.value.length > limitNum) {

limitField.value = limitField.value.substring(0, limitNum);

} else {

limitCount.value = limitNum - limitField.value.length;






I hope it can help you....

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