How to get max attribute value in jquery?

By Hardik Savani September 6, 2020 Category : Javascript HTML jQuery

Sometimes, you have a many tag with same class and attribute with value, but you need to find maximal value of attribute from that comman class, In bellow you have same html tag:


<li class="test" data-id="3">hi</li>

<li class="test" data-id="5">hey</li>

<li class="test" data-id="1">hello</li>


Now, you require to get max value, i mean you need to 5, because that is big value from other, so you can get maximal value from this way:

var max = 0;

$('.test').each(function() {

var value = parseInt($(this).data('id'));

max = (value > max) ? value : max;



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