13 High-Paying IT Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

By Hardik Savani September 22, 2022 Category : Guest Post

Many people, at least once in their life, were interested in whether it is possible to build an IT career without degree. And the answer is yes, and you need to prove that you have all the skills to do the job. Do not think the lack of a diploma will prevent you from many career opportunities. These days, some high-paying jobs can be done comfortably without setting foot inside the walls of a university. If you have life experience, appropriate skills, and can learn fast, you’ll find a job quickly.

What is needed to get a job without a diploma?

The technology sector has repeatedly proven that a professional can appear without a diploma. It may seem unbelievable, but many technical professionals never start with a degree. Do you know that plenty of successful people don’t have a degree? You can read about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example. They didn’t finish the university and became geniuses. And it’s not a good lack, as the reason is that you can develop any skills without higher education. After all, there are many video lessons and courses in any field nowadays. Anyone who wants to can go to Udemy best web development courses and choose the best ones for themselves. This way, you will acquire all the necessary skills and easily find a job. The tech sector values ​​the skills you have more than a certificate. This article will look at the highest-paying IT jobs that don't require a degree.

1. Programmer

The advantage of this job is that you can decide to work from home or the office. Programmers need to know how to write code for different gadgets or proprietary hardware applications. Also, they have to fix troubles and solve problems with programs and apps. There are other tasks either:

• debugging code;

• designing computer infrastructure;

• maintaining operating systems;

The average annual salary is $49,500

2. Data analyst

A data analyst's job is to retrieve, clean, and organize data. A professional may also enter data into databases and assist with data processing. Regarding responsibilities, the analyst should create materials for analysis, present results, conduct data searches, and create spreadsheets. You need to understand each industry's programming language and data processing methods. The average annual salary is $45,000

3. Software engineer

A software engineer is about designing business software. Moreover, engineers should develop them. They document the software with flowcharts, layout, and coding instructions. In easy words, this job is closely related to architects of software. The average annual salary is $106,400

4. Computer network support specialist

A computer support specialist ensures smooth and efficient network operation. They also test, troubleshoot, investigate, support, and resolve network-related issues. No degree is required for this role. The average annual salary is $62,200

5. Cybersecurity analyst

His work is to monitor the network and find any possible threat or vulnerability. Also, they need to build firewalls that protect data. Cybersecurity analysts should view logs and hold network settings under control. To find such a job, you should know how to develop an approach and how you can protect data from cybercriminals. You can get certified online and offline, and you're all set. The average annual salary is $114,000

6. Copywriter

A copywriter is simply a writer who can write compelling copy. They should have skills in talking to people because of communication with different organizations. Then, they present the brand to the public through writing. So, they need to write excellent articles. They translate the complexity of the technological world into simple terms that the layperson can understand. The average annual salary is $90,000

7. Graphic designer

Graphic designers have penetrated the market thanks to many programs and software that allow them to do their work efficiently—wondering what they do? They should know how to design different things. They can work both from home and from the office. The average annual salary is $48,700

8. Aerospace technician

Aerospace technicians are responsible for operating and maintaining equipment used to manufacture aircraft and spacecraft. These days, their work is becoming more and more computer-based. To get this job, you should develop your skills and read more about technicians’ jobs to get this job. The average annual salary is $67,240

9. Manager of social networks

With the advent of social media, many organizations want to meet their customers, mainly by communicating with them as closely as possible. For this reason, they hire a social media manager who works as a middleman, just like a digital marketer. The social media manager collects and reports data for the organization and organizes social calendars. In addition to taking an online course to master this skill, you need writing and design skills to perform this duty effectively. The average annual salary is $48,200

10. Multimedia artist

This position sometimes requires a degree, but not always. A multimedia artist works with software and technology to develop electronic media such as animation, designs, and special effects for the silver screen, advertising, video games, and more. The average annual salary is $63,900

11. IT manager

The IT manager is a supervisor of the activities of the staff. His work is managing the IT infrastructure, analyzing and installing computer networks, leading teams, and maintaining the organization's software and hardware. In addition, IT managers develop policies and guidelines to properly use and manage the organization's computers, data, and network. The average annual salary is $88,900

12. Computer user support specialist

It is one of the IT jobs without degree. The position is intended for professionals who answer technical questions and assist customers with technology-related issues. This job is equivalent to customer service, and they can provide services online, over the phone, or offline. The average annual salary is $48,600

13. Developers of mobile applications

This job might seem simple, but a person should have skills in writing code, testing, and developing mobile apps. Many businesses need apps independently of their size. Due to the app, they can sell more products and encourage more customers. That’s why app developers are necessary for the job market a lot. All you require is your skills to develop a well-designed app. The average annual salary is $76,000


This article lists all the best IT jobs you can get without a degree. Nowadays, many vacancies can hire you without a degree. So, the answer to how to get into IT without a degree is that you have to study and not give up. And most importantly, believe in yourself and your knowledge, develop, and don't miss opportunities.

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